I’m Sarah Cox, and I’m passionate about empowering women to live intentional lives.

For too long, I felt bogged down by clutter, stress, chores, work, and just the day-to-day operations of living. I felt like I wasn’t pursuing anything that would make me a better person or help me achieve my goals. Heck, I didn’t even know what my goals were.

Now instead of just surviving, I’m thriving — in life, in motherhood, and as a wife.

I’m able to actually play with my daughter and relax with my husband without worrying about when I’ll be able to catch up on laundry, dishes, or cleaning the house.

I’m able to have the life that I always wanted, but didn’t know how to get.

And I desperately want that for all the women in my life, so I started Soul Intention — a lifestyle blog for women and mothers who are ready to make change happen in their lives for their families.

We’re going to talk about decluttering, from our physical items to our digital footprints and emotional baggage. We’re going to talk about how to not hate your husband after you have a baby. We’re going to talk about faith, and how when we look at God’s promises, women – mothers! – are certainly not excluded from that promise, and that by taking certain steps, we can live in that promise – right now!

I’m so glad you’re here and I’d love to connect with you. I love using Instagram to share the story of our family’s life. Follow me at @simply.sarahmae to keep in touch and to get a real peek into what living this mom life can look like when we put our soul’s in God’s hands and live life, intentionally.

xo – Sarah